06 marzo 2013

Non si finisce mai di guidare

Il gestore del blog Reassembler ha scoperto un livello prototipale di "Coconut Beach" nel coinop di OutRun sbloccabile solo tramite il debugger del MAME (e giocabile tramite "l'emulatore" Cannonball), a voi il video:

le differenze sono piuttosto esigue, tanto da richiedere ulteriori note a corredo (copio/incollo dal sito)

"Whilst working on the track select for time trial mode, I uncovered an unused OutRun track layout.
It appears to be an early prototype of Coconut Beach; and is found in all versions of the game. It is significantly different from both the Japanese and World versions of this level. It's tougher, with sharper bends although the final chicane is missing.  You'll notice there are a few scenery changes, as well as small amounts of ground debris. There are also scenery errors with directional signs pointing the wrong way. The level can be enabled only by using the MAME debugger. You will need to set the following breakpoint on the master CPU (Revision B romset):

focus 0
bpset e4ea,1,{b@260010 = 3A; g}

This breakpoint will swap out the final Coconut Beach track for the prototype."

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